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Why Ballet training helps children with school performance.

How acrobatic training helps all forms of dance

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(Link to 2016 Enrollment Form in PDF format)

You will not see our class schedules posted online or in our written handout materials. However, on the website, the page entitled "Classes" describes each type of class, class structure, ages, prerequisites, concurrent requirements, etc.

Because all classes have strictly enforced size limits, many are full before the school year begins, and have a waiting list. Our teaching staff will be happy to discuss proper class placement and available classes when you enroll.

Although many dance schools post schedules online and otherwise widely distribute them, we do not because we put the security of our student body before any convenience factors.

All class placement is at the discretion of the Director.

The Ballet Academy of Warrenton is a traditional, classical ballet training school. As such, we do not have "sessions" of classes; we have a school year that generally follows the Fauquier County Public Schools calendar - late August through mid-June; and a summer school, which is generally 6 - 9 weeks long.

Enrollment for the school year opens to the general public in late July. Enrollment will be held several times in August. Times and dates for each enrollment will be advertised on our website, in Discover, and in various area publications. 

Enrollment for our summer dance programs opens to the general public as soon as public announcements appear, usually around April 1. Times and dates will be advertised in the same sources listed in the previous paragraph. 

¨ Drop-off and Pick-up: Parents of students ages 2-9 are expected to come into the studio to drop-off students before class and pick-up after class; we do not provide child care services.

¨ Cancelled Classes: The Academy may cancel classes due to inclement weather; an email or text will be sent at least 2 hours prior to the start of classes as well as be posted on our website and Facebook page, and a message will be on the studio voicemail. The Director will post a makeup schedule for all classes missed due to weather conditions on the bulletin board in the Academy lobby.

¨ Observation Weeks: Space and seating is minimal; observation is limited to PARENTS ONLY. Observation week classes are a classroom dance education setting, therefore, please do not bring siblings unable to SIT QUIETLY through the lesson.

¨ Annual Spring Concert: All students are invited to participate in our Annual Spring Concert. Information about the concert will be made available at the beginning of March 2016. Every participating student pays a theater rental fee plus $25 per costume; we do NOT charge for tickets - families are welcome to bring as many guests as they would like; the more the merrier! Performance fees are due in April.


¨ Attendance & Make-Up Classes: Students should contact the academy if they will be absent from class. If a class is missed and the student wishes to attend a make-up class, arrangements should be made in advance by contacting your instructor to determine the day and time of a similar class.

¨ Dance shoes: NO dance shoes are to be worn outside the Ballet Academy - Not even “Just from the car into the school.” Those few steps pick up chemicals, oils, and auto fluids leaked onto the parking lot, plus dirt and debris; all of these deteriorate our dance floors. If you wear dance shoes outside the studio, they become street shoes, which are not allowed on the studio floors.


¨ Punctuality: Students must be regular and punctual in their class attendance. If a student will arrive more than 15 minutes late, he/she should plan to do a make-up class because they will not have proper time to warm-up and run the risk of becoming injured. Students who arrive after the completion of warm-ups may be asked to observe that class at the discretion of the teacher.


¨ Late Fees: A late fee of $25.00 will be added to any tuition account which is paid after the 15th of the month. Students whose tuition is more than 30 days late will be dropped from the class roster.

¨ Returned Check Fee: A $30.00 fee will be added to your account for any check which is returned by your bank for insufficient funds.


¨ Refund Policy: Tuition and fees are non-refundable. Refunds will not be given for days missed due to absences, holidays or weather-related closings. Credit may be given in the event of a medical emergency and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


¨ Registration Fee: There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30.00 for new students, payable when you enroll. This “one-time” policy applies only if a student remains continuously enrolled. If you drop and later re-enroll, the $30.00 charge is re-applied. 


¨ Enrollment: Students may enroll in classes through September 30 unless transferring from another dance school. Classes for our youngest dancers ages 2-4 years accept enrollment through April 30. Classes for dancers ages 5-6 accept enrollment through February 1.

¨ Training for a dance discipline has many similarities to academic and athletic training. Skills must be built incrementally, and the more time devoted to study, the higher the level of learning. For instance, if a child devotes only one hour per week to learning mathematics, it will take far longer to reach Algebra I than if that same child devotes one hour every day to studying mathematics. If the child studies year around instead of taking all summer off each year, they will be ready for Algebra I before most of their classmates. Children with a natural aptitude for mathematics will also achieve a higher skill level faster and with greater ease than some others. And no child, no matter how great the natural aptitude and talent, can master long division until they have mastered addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It is important for parents to understand each student progresses through dance education at his / her own pace. This means a student will not necessarily move to the next level each year, as any number of factors affect the learning of a physical skill like dance. Most students at Ballet Academy spend more than one school year in each level, especially in our ballet classes. It is of paramount importance that a student is placed in a level appropriate to his / her age and physical strength.  A student who is advanced a level before be fully ready will miss valuable training, struggle in the next level, and face an increased risk of injury during that struggle.


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