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Why Ballet training helps children with school performance.

How acrobatic training helps all forms of dance

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Dictionary of French Ballet Terms

We teach using French classical ballet terms

Terms Terms are listed alphabetically - select first letter of term below

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Jambe leg
Jeté jump from one foot to the other in which the working leg is brushed into the air and appears to have been thrown
Jeté battu jeté beaten
Jeté entrelacé jeté done in all directions and in a circle. It is usually preceded by a chassé or a pas couru to give impetus to the jump
Jeté, grand large jeté
Jeté, grand in attitude big leap forward preceded by a preliminary movement such as a pas couru or a glissade, which gives the necessary push-off
Jeté, petit small jeté
Labanotation a system of dance notation invented by the Hungarian-born teacher Rudolf von Laban
Leçon (Class) lesson - the daily class taken by dancers throughout their career to continue learning and to maintain technical proficiency
Ligne the outline presented by a dancer while executing steps and poses


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